Tales of Adventure and Fantasy

The Memoirs of Kiel the Magnificent

Why hello again. So I’ve been working on a new magic trick I saw some kid do a while back. What the goal will be is to hold a real, not a fake door handle. I want to hold it up in the air, wave it about let people, and half-lings see that its just a door handle. Then hold the door handle to the side and turn it as if i’m opening a big wooden door. As I push the door a opening of the local tavern appears where a door hole would be. I step through, grabbing the handle of course and shut it. I then run back to the stage with a Pint of the local ale that everyone loves.

Oh they will love it. I just know it will be a main act on its own. The main problem is this little brat wont teach me how he did it. I will learn some day, hopefully soon.

I also have an idea for a trick, I guess its more of a firework show. Here’s how it looks in my head as I write it down. I will stand center stage and place my trademark top-hat on the ground in front of me. I shall then clap my hands and rub them together and produce a small fire. I will hold up the fire so people can see, this fire will be special, changing in hue’s, they will want to see. I shall then cast the fire into my hat. I will time it so nothing happens, I shall look down into my top-hat then back to the crowd take a step back from the hat and clap my hands again and scream out “Magic!” and look back into my hat. Still nothing until I walk around the hat pretending to mutter to myself. I will look down into the hat one last time. A giant stream of fire changing color and moving up into the sky as if its alive will shoot out, I will get my head away just in time of course. As the giant fire pillar ascends I will scream out “Magic!” one more time and it will explode into hundreds of snake looking pillars. It will then start to fall towards everyone. I shall shout “Magic!” one more time and each snake pillar will burst into hundreds even more. They will fall upon the crowd as if it was foam blown off the top of a full ale stein.

This is another glorious trick I have to practice. However with this adventure going on its hard for me to find time to practice these real tricks, I am forced to make up tiny bar tricks to amuse myself. I find it particularly amusing when I get a reaction out of one my company men Brev is his name, he’s a dwarf so we are almost the same height. He’s just a little thicker than me, if you know what I mean.

On a side note. I am still looking for the man that stole my Mentor, Father, and The greatest Magic Act of the Century. I still don’t know anything about this man, or even if he was alone. What do I do? I have been looking for so long now and it feels like I haven’t even started. I am still at the beginning. Was he even human? Was he a gnome? Was he even a he? All these questions and I have no answers. If only you left me some clues. You couldn’t have left a note hidden in the top-hat that I’d have to use a special kind of magic to find could you, that would have been to easy.

p.s. I don’t know about the “Kiel the Magnificent”. I’ll use it for now but its probably not my style or for me. Other people can be “Magnificent” That’s not enough for me, I want more.

Brev's Journal - Entry 4

Glad to be off that damned boat. Ever since the mine flooded, I’ve been uneasy around water. I can still swim in it, but… well. I miss ya, Virk. Shoulda been able to save ya. At least that water didn’t rub it in my face. I’ve heard of storms manifesting themselves like they did on the boat. The water and ocean spirits, getting together, crashing ships to increase their numbers and their power. Didn’t think I’d see it meself. Shoulda figured I would though, Kord be damned.

The first few days at sea were fine, but I should have figured something was up when the clouds followed us. Too busy drinking by meself in my quarters. Just didn’t want to think about it. Emptied my guts when tha storm started. Shouldn’ta done that. Makes me feel weak. The waters burst through tha ship, first poking holes and then smashing them. Went on deck, and managed to get on the dinghy. Water talkin’ all the while. Drown this, storm that. Didn’t think one of my own’d be a good idea, so the ship sank. Managed to float away, not without Micah getting injured though. Took a lightning bolt to the chest. Hope the lad is okay – I checked on him and he’s fightin’. Don’t think he’ll be leavin’ us anytime soon.

Ended up on an island. Eerie quiet, except for the waves. Don’t like the quiet, so we went inland to see if we could find anything. And we did, at least the halfling’s hound did. A temple, like the ones ta the north. Older though. Same writing. Moss and vines covering it. Found a door, a skeleton. Had a note. I still have it – here’s what it said:

Day 22nd: my adventures have brought me to this foul place. I have come to the Disappearing Isle and have found this temple. What riches could be inside? (Cadmus said it would sink into the ocean?)
○ Day 24: I have tried my best opening the door, but alas it needs a key as far as I can surmise.
○ Day 26: I hear shambling from the forest.
○ Day 28: It is getting closer. I fear for myself. I fear my campfire is not enough to stave off the beast.(shouldn’t be travelin’ alone.)

On the back was a drawing of a key, that he thought’d fit in the slot. (Looks like our shard.)

Went and got the captain and the wizards. Temple was a better defensible position, especially if something is rumbling around tha forest. Course, might be worse stuff inside. We figured out the door with the shard (though I did put it in backwards. Damn. Could feel the axeman smirkin’. Next room had some pegs. Steppin’ on them caused the stone to shift, I could feel it in my bones. Took the golem some convincing, and Cagey waited by the door, but we got them all down. Lever appeared. Axeman wouldn’t pull it, so the gnome did. Heh. More “man” in us “smallfolk” than him. ‘Course, Cain had no problem being the first to step on a peg. He’s no coward. Decided to watch him a bit more closely. I can learn a thing or two from him. He’s got a good eye on the battlefield, makes good calls to the rest of us.

Guess we’ll see what’s down there – looks like we’re about to head down the steps. Smells old, earthy. Reminds me of some sections of the mine. Hmmph.

The Memoirs of Kiel the Astonishing

“magic is neutral, only the people that wield the magic can give it direction.”

My dad and first mentor told me that, I have tried my best to stay neutral. During my newest journey I had to make a decision that could have changed my direction. My Metal friend needed direction and I did my best. I understand what he used to be, I hope I made the best choice for us.

Other notes of the journey thus-far.
1. Found new friends… and a halfling (positive)
2. Saw new magic door technique I hope to master and add to my show (positive)
3. Had to cancel the show that was planned to start this journey (negative)
4. Got a Dwarf friend to laugh while in a bad mood with some of my acts, I should probably add more “Beeromancy” to my act (positive)

All in all I suppose their is more positive than negative so far.

p.s. Still looking for him dad, that man that stole you from me and canceled the greatest act in its time.

p.p.s. Still trying to think of a real stage name, “the astonishing” for now. I’ll probably change it.

Brev's Journal - Entry 3

Couldn’t sleep after tossing the bodies overboard, so figured I’d write until it passed.

Turns out the other loggers are dead. Ah well – you can’t save them all, but we did what we could. Went back to see Markum Smith. Had to convince him we killed the Gobbos, but he ponied up the reward eventually. Seemed a bit relieved. So was I, once we headed back to the Calliope. Barabbas gave me a nod and I sipped in the corner while the others chatted up some old humans. The halfling played some cards while the golem looked on impatiently. Andrey managed to win and got some info on the wizard Cadmus, but not his location. Figured they’d be useless, but Kiel kept me distracted with some ale and sleight of hand – decided to coin it “Beeromancy”. Best part of the evening, that was .

As we headed out the door, the young mage ran up. Good thing, since I was about to head north for a while. Micah opened some portal to the woods. Since he’s an alright lad, I stepped through. Met with Cadmus while the boy fetched tea. I took to a corner and politely listened to his nonsense about magic shards and tablets and ancient magic. Something about an Opal King and destiny. Typical wizard hogwash. Magic is fine, just don’t care for long histories. Leave it to the scholars. Hmmph. Took my boots off, and slept in a summoned bed. Not bad for vorpal feathers, or whatever they’re using these days. Cagey tried to put out the fire, but couldn’t do it. Chuckled meself to sleep.

Woke up the next morning to everyone packing. Headed to the harbor to charter a ship, make our way to ruins in the south. I expect more Opal King nonsense. Course, that musical lock still worked, so there’s at least some mystery to keep me entertained. Maybe something will come of it after all. No matter. Got on the ship, met the captain. Odd fella named Shabaz. Didn’t like it when the golem mentioned some Karn person. Ended our dinner right quick. Went to bed, woke up to the sound of fighting. Pirates. Idiots. Why board the ship? We tore through them like jerky. Bah. At least this trip’ll be interesting.

Johan - Meeting the group

I would not have to fight to the death.

A group of goblin slayers showed up at the goblin camp, they killed some and drove the rest off. They freed me from my cage and helped me find my weapons.

They were….Nice to me.

There is a half-ling with a pet dog as large as her.
A gnome with a flair for magic.
There is a war-forged with a questionable sense of morality, his markings… are unique.
A human, looks like the leader stands guard.
And a dwarf makes comments to me about “How brave I am” “How good a fighter I must be to be captured by goblins” He will learn.

This group could prove useful for the time being. They are on a mission to kill the remaining goblins. I suppose I will help for now. I’ll see their worth in the coming days.

Another prisoner identified himself as Mika..miqua?…Something, I’ll call him Mike.
He claims he is a powerful wizard He is a child in the truest sense of the word, energetic, annoying, obnoxious.
He refuses to be quiet.
Something in him makes me uneasy, his cheerfulness and naivety are a constant pull on my nerves…

He reminds me of when I was a child…

We reached a sort of ancient temple, Mike shouted some mumbo jumbo and lost me, I sat back as the rest of the group pulled some box out of a hidey hole and inspected their contents. Magic and wizardry.

These kind of stories never end well. I should probably keep my distance.

Goblins showed up. They were slaughtered within the minute, and the fight ended with my axe buried in the skull of the Goblin leader. This party is made up of extremely capable fighters. maybe they will be able to handle whatever that shard can throw at them?

I think I’ll stick with these guys a while longer.

Brev's Journal - Entry 2

Goblins. Still as easy to kill as I remember, though I did take a few lucky hits. Still smell bad too. Had some folks caged up, only two were interesting. Both humans. First was some dour axeman who called himself Johan. Said he was sleeping when they got him. Sounded like a poor excuse to me. Seems like he can handle his axes, though. Other was a young lad, said he was a mage apprentice named Micah. Probably bright, but still dumb enough to sneak out of his tower and get caught by goblins. Told us about some altar with some weapon or artifact. Turned out to be a rock, and I’ve seen enough of those. Fancy Eladrin musical lock was interesting though. Virk woulda liked to see that. Sent the lad back to his master, said we’d catch up with him. May, may not. Bit too idealistic – needs to see more of the world – but he could be going places.

Was bored until a big gobbo turned up with a mess of minions. Said he was Big Gub. Gave me a good shot, but not before I buried my pickaxe in his neck. Damn fool, hardly a challenge. Nice mace though, and a damn foolish helmet that the Halfling took. Rangers and their antlers. Bah. Dog’s okay though. Gnome’s mind tricks make me a bit uneasy, but seeing greenies hit each other was worth a hearty chuckle or three. Golem didn’t speak much, and that was fine by me. Like Cain best so far. Doesn’t interrupt my juggling, and he’s got a knack for calling out attacks. Good direction. We’ll see about the axe-man, can’t get a good feel for him. He killed goblins alright enough, and that’s good enough for now. I’ll stick with these folk for now.

Still need to figure out where the rest of loggers went. Guessing the goblins picked their bones clean. But then, I’m an optimist.

Johan Mikkonen.
Ten years.

Its been almost ten years now.
Ten years of nightmares, of restless nights.
Ten years of searching, pushed by this promise.
Ten years since this promise was once sealed in blood.

At night I hear their voices, their cries to me, their dying screams. They pushed me forwards. They never let me rest. I searched for the fifteen that killed them.
This last week I found my trail, a rumor of three of them passing through a town not far from where I was. I cut through the forest, more than a days journey, I couldn’t afford to miss this.

Ten years.

As I traveled I felt emotion again. Elation that my quarry could be there. I tried to restrain myself, stop myself from thinking this could be the beginning of the end for my hunt. I tried to stop myself of thinking of all the ways I am going to hurt these men, how I will break them. I felt relief that these demons would finally give me rest. I felt heavy. I felt sleepy. As the sun set I made camp early. I fell asleep quickly. No screaming, No smell of burning flesh, no pleading for revenge, reminding me of my promise, my drive, my burden, my purpose. No nightmares. I dreamt of my revenge.

It was the first night I slept through in ten years.

I slept like the dead. I was arisen with goblins surrounding me, one poked me with a stick. I slept so well they thought I had passed. They had already looted my camp, and liberated me of my weapons. They made me a prisoner. They would kill me, maybe eat me I thought. I wouldn’t die like this. I couldn’t, there was too much to be done. The second one of those things opened my cage I would burst fourth, I would fight on and kill every last one of them. I had to.

Brev's Journal - Entry 1

Contract on the caravan is up, so I went to grab a drink at the Calliope. Saw a golem there. Talked funny. Had a gnome on his shoulders, seemed the swindler type. Strange, so when they left with a halfling and human, I took to following them. Finished my drink first, of course. Asked him what trash heap he crawled out of. He called me short. Typical. They looked like a ragtag group, and those are the ones I tend to do best in. Figured I’d show ‘em some dwarven knowhow. Didn’t seem grateful. Went with them anyway, to see what this logging camp business is about.

Saw the camp, found some goblin tracks. Surprise surprise. Not supposed to be around these parts, at least haven’t for a while. Followed tracks into the forest, saw a goblin. Treed him. Was just trying to get some honey, called himself Sweetfeet. Stupid, and a chatterer. Threw a hammer at him, but missed. He tried to sic some bees on us, but just made ‘em mad. Hilarious, except he wouldn’t shut up. Took us towards the goblin camp, let him go after. Had to climb down a log to get there. Human called me a lady. Good one. Showed him how to tumble though – no one ever expects a dwarf to do cartwheels and flips. Seems a good sort though, laughed when I called him princess. Rubble strikes me as all business. No real read on the gnome or halfling, but I’m expecting pranks. Great.


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