Tales of Adventure and Fantasy

Brev's Journal - Entry 1

Contract on the caravan is up, so I went to grab a drink at the Calliope. Saw a golem there. Talked funny. Had a gnome on his shoulders, seemed the swindler type. Strange, so when they left with a halfling and human, I took to following them. Finished my drink first, of course. Asked him what trash heap he crawled out of. He called me short. Typical. They looked like a ragtag group, and those are the ones I tend to do best in. Figured I’d show ‘em some dwarven knowhow. Didn’t seem grateful. Went with them anyway, to see what this logging camp business is about.

Saw the camp, found some goblin tracks. Surprise surprise. Not supposed to be around these parts, at least haven’t for a while. Followed tracks into the forest, saw a goblin. Treed him. Was just trying to get some honey, called himself Sweetfeet. Stupid, and a chatterer. Threw a hammer at him, but missed. He tried to sic some bees on us, but just made ‘em mad. Hilarious, except he wouldn’t shut up. Took us towards the goblin camp, let him go after. Had to climb down a log to get there. Human called me a lady. Good one. Showed him how to tumble though – no one ever expects a dwarf to do cartwheels and flips. Seems a good sort though, laughed when I called him princess. Rubble strikes me as all business. No real read on the gnome or halfling, but I’m expecting pranks. Great.



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