Tales of Adventure and Fantasy

Brev's Journal - Entry 2

Goblins. Still as easy to kill as I remember, though I did take a few lucky hits. Still smell bad too. Had some folks caged up, only two were interesting. Both humans. First was some dour axeman who called himself Johan. Said he was sleeping when they got him. Sounded like a poor excuse to me. Seems like he can handle his axes, though. Other was a young lad, said he was a mage apprentice named Micah. Probably bright, but still dumb enough to sneak out of his tower and get caught by goblins. Told us about some altar with some weapon or artifact. Turned out to be a rock, and I’ve seen enough of those. Fancy Eladrin musical lock was interesting though. Virk woulda liked to see that. Sent the lad back to his master, said we’d catch up with him. May, may not. Bit too idealistic – needs to see more of the world – but he could be going places.

Was bored until a big gobbo turned up with a mess of minions. Said he was Big Gub. Gave me a good shot, but not before I buried my pickaxe in his neck. Damn fool, hardly a challenge. Nice mace though, and a damn foolish helmet that the Halfling took. Rangers and their antlers. Bah. Dog’s okay though. Gnome’s mind tricks make me a bit uneasy, but seeing greenies hit each other was worth a hearty chuckle or three. Golem didn’t speak much, and that was fine by me. Like Cain best so far. Doesn’t interrupt my juggling, and he’s got a knack for calling out attacks. Good direction. We’ll see about the axe-man, can’t get a good feel for him. He killed goblins alright enough, and that’s good enough for now. I’ll stick with these folk for now.

Still need to figure out where the rest of loggers went. Guessing the goblins picked their bones clean. But then, I’m an optimist.



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