Tales of Adventure and Fantasy

Brev's Journal - Entry 3

Couldn’t sleep after tossing the bodies overboard, so figured I’d write until it passed.

Turns out the other loggers are dead. Ah well – you can’t save them all, but we did what we could. Went back to see Markum Smith. Had to convince him we killed the Gobbos, but he ponied up the reward eventually. Seemed a bit relieved. So was I, once we headed back to the Calliope. Barabbas gave me a nod and I sipped in the corner while the others chatted up some old humans. The halfling played some cards while the golem looked on impatiently. Andrey managed to win and got some info on the wizard Cadmus, but not his location. Figured they’d be useless, but Kiel kept me distracted with some ale and sleight of hand – decided to coin it “Beeromancy”. Best part of the evening, that was .

As we headed out the door, the young mage ran up. Good thing, since I was about to head north for a while. Micah opened some portal to the woods. Since he’s an alright lad, I stepped through. Met with Cadmus while the boy fetched tea. I took to a corner and politely listened to his nonsense about magic shards and tablets and ancient magic. Something about an Opal King and destiny. Typical wizard hogwash. Magic is fine, just don’t care for long histories. Leave it to the scholars. Hmmph. Took my boots off, and slept in a summoned bed. Not bad for vorpal feathers, or whatever they’re using these days. Cagey tried to put out the fire, but couldn’t do it. Chuckled meself to sleep.

Woke up the next morning to everyone packing. Headed to the harbor to charter a ship, make our way to ruins in the south. I expect more Opal King nonsense. Course, that musical lock still worked, so there’s at least some mystery to keep me entertained. Maybe something will come of it after all. No matter. Got on the ship, met the captain. Odd fella named Shabaz. Didn’t like it when the golem mentioned some Karn person. Ended our dinner right quick. Went to bed, woke up to the sound of fighting. Pirates. Idiots. Why board the ship? We tore through them like jerky. Bah. At least this trip’ll be interesting.



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