Tales of Adventure and Fantasy

Brev's Journal - Entry 4

Glad to be off that damned boat. Ever since the mine flooded, I’ve been uneasy around water. I can still swim in it, but… well. I miss ya, Virk. Shoulda been able to save ya. At least that water didn’t rub it in my face. I’ve heard of storms manifesting themselves like they did on the boat. The water and ocean spirits, getting together, crashing ships to increase their numbers and their power. Didn’t think I’d see it meself. Shoulda figured I would though, Kord be damned.

The first few days at sea were fine, but I should have figured something was up when the clouds followed us. Too busy drinking by meself in my quarters. Just didn’t want to think about it. Emptied my guts when tha storm started. Shouldn’ta done that. Makes me feel weak. The waters burst through tha ship, first poking holes and then smashing them. Went on deck, and managed to get on the dinghy. Water talkin’ all the while. Drown this, storm that. Didn’t think one of my own’d be a good idea, so the ship sank. Managed to float away, not without Micah getting injured though. Took a lightning bolt to the chest. Hope the lad is okay – I checked on him and he’s fightin’. Don’t think he’ll be leavin’ us anytime soon.

Ended up on an island. Eerie quiet, except for the waves. Don’t like the quiet, so we went inland to see if we could find anything. And we did, at least the halfling’s hound did. A temple, like the ones ta the north. Older though. Same writing. Moss and vines covering it. Found a door, a skeleton. Had a note. I still have it – here’s what it said:

Day 22nd: my adventures have brought me to this foul place. I have come to the Disappearing Isle and have found this temple. What riches could be inside? (Cadmus said it would sink into the ocean?)
○ Day 24: I have tried my best opening the door, but alas it needs a key as far as I can surmise.
○ Day 26: I hear shambling from the forest.
○ Day 28: It is getting closer. I fear for myself. I fear my campfire is not enough to stave off the beast.(shouldn’t be travelin’ alone.)

On the back was a drawing of a key, that he thought’d fit in the slot. (Looks like our shard.)

Went and got the captain and the wizards. Temple was a better defensible position, especially if something is rumbling around tha forest. Course, might be worse stuff inside. We figured out the door with the shard (though I did put it in backwards. Damn. Could feel the axeman smirkin’. Next room had some pegs. Steppin’ on them caused the stone to shift, I could feel it in my bones. Took the golem some convincing, and Cagey waited by the door, but we got them all down. Lever appeared. Axeman wouldn’t pull it, so the gnome did. Heh. More “man” in us “smallfolk” than him. ‘Course, Cain had no problem being the first to step on a peg. He’s no coward. Decided to watch him a bit more closely. I can learn a thing or two from him. He’s got a good eye on the battlefield, makes good calls to the rest of us.

Guess we’ll see what’s down there – looks like we’re about to head down the steps. Smells old, earthy. Reminds me of some sections of the mine. Hmmph.


As I mentioned, Brev has multiclassed into Warlord, taking some inspiration from Cain.

Brev's Journal - Entry 4

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