Tales of Adventure and Fantasy

Johan - Meeting the group


I would not have to fight to the death.

A group of goblin slayers showed up at the goblin camp, they killed some and drove the rest off. They freed me from my cage and helped me find my weapons.

They were….Nice to me.

There is a half-ling with a pet dog as large as her.
A gnome with a flair for magic.
There is a war-forged with a questionable sense of morality, his markings… are unique.
A human, looks like the leader stands guard.
And a dwarf makes comments to me about “How brave I am” “How good a fighter I must be to be captured by goblins” He will learn.

This group could prove useful for the time being. They are on a mission to kill the remaining goblins. I suppose I will help for now. I’ll see their worth in the coming days.

Another prisoner identified himself as Mika..miqua?…Something, I’ll call him Mike.
He claims he is a powerful wizard He is a child in the truest sense of the word, energetic, annoying, obnoxious.
He refuses to be quiet.
Something in him makes me uneasy, his cheerfulness and naivety are a constant pull on my nerves…

He reminds me of when I was a child…

We reached a sort of ancient temple, Mike shouted some mumbo jumbo and lost me, I sat back as the rest of the group pulled some box out of a hidey hole and inspected their contents. Magic and wizardry.

These kind of stories never end well. I should probably keep my distance.

Goblins showed up. They were slaughtered within the minute, and the fight ended with my axe buried in the skull of the Goblin leader. This party is made up of extremely capable fighters. maybe they will be able to handle whatever that shard can throw at them?

I think I’ll stick with these guys a while longer.



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