Tales of Adventure and Fantasy

Johan Mikkonen.

Ten years.

Its been almost ten years now.
Ten years of nightmares, of restless nights.
Ten years of searching, pushed by this promise.
Ten years since this promise was once sealed in blood.

At night I hear their voices, their cries to me, their dying screams. They pushed me forwards. They never let me rest. I searched for the fifteen that killed them.
This last week I found my trail, a rumor of three of them passing through a town not far from where I was. I cut through the forest, more than a days journey, I couldn’t afford to miss this.

Ten years.

As I traveled I felt emotion again. Elation that my quarry could be there. I tried to restrain myself, stop myself from thinking this could be the beginning of the end for my hunt. I tried to stop myself of thinking of all the ways I am going to hurt these men, how I will break them. I felt relief that these demons would finally give me rest. I felt heavy. I felt sleepy. As the sun set I made camp early. I fell asleep quickly. No screaming, No smell of burning flesh, no pleading for revenge, reminding me of my promise, my drive, my burden, my purpose. No nightmares. I dreamt of my revenge.

It was the first night I slept through in ten years.

I slept like the dead. I was arisen with goblins surrounding me, one poked me with a stick. I slept so well they thought I had passed. They had already looted my camp, and liberated me of my weapons. They made me a prisoner. They would kill me, maybe eat me I thought. I wouldn’t die like this. I couldn’t, there was too much to be done. The second one of those things opened my cage I would burst fourth, I would fight on and kill every last one of them. I had to.



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