Tales of Adventure and Fantasy

The Memoirs of Kiel the Astonishing

“magic is neutral, only the people that wield the magic can give it direction.”

My dad and first mentor told me that, I have tried my best to stay neutral. During my newest journey I had to make a decision that could have changed my direction. My Metal friend needed direction and I did my best. I understand what he used to be, I hope I made the best choice for us.

Other notes of the journey thus-far.
1. Found new friends… and a halfling (positive)
2. Saw new magic door technique I hope to master and add to my show (positive)
3. Had to cancel the show that was planned to start this journey (negative)
4. Got a Dwarf friend to laugh while in a bad mood with some of my acts, I should probably add more “Beeromancy” to my act (positive)

All in all I suppose their is more positive than negative so far.

p.s. Still looking for him dad, that man that stole you from me and canceled the greatest act in its time.

p.p.s. Still trying to think of a real stage name, “the astonishing” for now. I’ll probably change it.



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