Tales of Adventure and Fantasy

The Memoirs of Kiel the Magnificent

Why hello again. So I’ve been working on a new magic trick I saw some kid do a while back. What the goal will be is to hold a real, not a fake door handle. I want to hold it up in the air, wave it about let people, and half-lings see that its just a door handle. Then hold the door handle to the side and turn it as if i’m opening a big wooden door. As I push the door a opening of the local tavern appears where a door hole would be. I step through, grabbing the handle of course and shut it. I then run back to the stage with a Pint of the local ale that everyone loves.

Oh they will love it. I just know it will be a main act on its own. The main problem is this little brat wont teach me how he did it. I will learn some day, hopefully soon.

I also have an idea for a trick, I guess its more of a firework show. Here’s how it looks in my head as I write it down. I will stand center stage and place my trademark top-hat on the ground in front of me. I shall then clap my hands and rub them together and produce a small fire. I will hold up the fire so people can see, this fire will be special, changing in hue’s, they will want to see. I shall then cast the fire into my hat. I will time it so nothing happens, I shall look down into my top-hat then back to the crowd take a step back from the hat and clap my hands again and scream out “Magic!” and look back into my hat. Still nothing until I walk around the hat pretending to mutter to myself. I will look down into the hat one last time. A giant stream of fire changing color and moving up into the sky as if its alive will shoot out, I will get my head away just in time of course. As the giant fire pillar ascends I will scream out “Magic!” one more time and it will explode into hundreds of snake looking pillars. It will then start to fall towards everyone. I shall shout “Magic!” one more time and each snake pillar will burst into hundreds even more. They will fall upon the crowd as if it was foam blown off the top of a full ale stein.

This is another glorious trick I have to practice. However with this adventure going on its hard for me to find time to practice these real tricks, I am forced to make up tiny bar tricks to amuse myself. I find it particularly amusing when I get a reaction out of one my company men Brev is his name, he’s a dwarf so we are almost the same height. He’s just a little thicker than me, if you know what I mean.

On a side note. I am still looking for the man that stole my Mentor, Father, and The greatest Magic Act of the Century. I still don’t know anything about this man, or even if he was alone. What do I do? I have been looking for so long now and it feels like I haven’t even started. I am still at the beginning. Was he even human? Was he a gnome? Was he even a he? All these questions and I have no answers. If only you left me some clues. You couldn’t have left a note hidden in the top-hat that I’d have to use a special kind of magic to find could you, that would have been to easy.

p.s. I don’t know about the “Kiel the Magnificent”. I’ll use it for now but its probably not my style or for me. Other people can be “Magnificent” That’s not enough for me, I want more.



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